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Vara de Rey

Vara de Rey is a monument located close to the main port of Ibiza, in the heart of the city. It is dedicated to...

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Kiss Of Death

A lifelike marble statue of the kiss of death depicting an angel carrying a man's soul to heaven, located in a broken down area...

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Thinking Bull, Barcelona

The streets of Barcelona are like an open-air museum. One of the most thought provoking statues you will find is the Thinking Bull (Brau...

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Punta Moscarter lighthouse

The Punta Moscarter Lighthouse is an active lighthouse, near Portinatx on the northern coast of the Spanish island of Ibiza. Work began on the...

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Lion with Lioness

A pair of lions. One lioness lying down and one lion on its hind quarters, turning and looking at the lioness. This marble statue...

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