Casa Paquet y refugio antiaereo

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Casa Paquet and anti-aircraft shelter fotogrammetry scan a casa paquet, built in Cimavilla in 1918, is a detached house inspired by 16th century models. It was designed by the architect Miguel García de la Cruz and Laviada (1887-1935) and is the best example of an urban palace of Renaissance inspiration in Asturias. The bombings of the Condor Legion between 1936 and 1937 and the siege of the ship Almirante Cervera in July and August of 1936 moved the local government to take measures to protect the civilian population. Gijón came to have 193 shelters, among which are the tunnels of the upper district, in Cimavilla. This network of 500 m² with capacity for 1,200 people had three accesses, of which the one of the dock of the sport port is conserved, with a door located under the Paquet House The tower of the house has a unique corner balcony in which opens a vantage point framed by semicolumns that support a pediment.


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