Canto Del Pico

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The Palace of Canto del Pico (Spanish: Palacio del Canto del Pico) is a palace located in Torrelodones, Spain. The palace was built between 1920 and 1922 for Abárzuza, Conde de las Almenas III. It is located on the peak of a granite mountain, 1,011 metres above sea level. It covers 100 acres. Parts of it remain carved into the rock, such as stairs and balconies.

The Count used the palace to store all his treasures. He accumulated these and there are rumours that some many have been stolen from cathedrals.

The prime minister Antonio Maura died there by falling down a flight of steps. It was used as the headquarters for the Republican Army during the Spanish Civil War. Indalecio Prieto and Jose Miaja used it as their base to organise the Battle of Brunete. After the war Franco lived there for many years.


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