San Pantaleón de Losa (s. XIII) - Valle

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San Pantaleón de Losa (13th century) - model of the view of the Valley - Burgos In the Burgos Valley of Losa there is an enclave where only art seems to resist the famished power of the legend, which tries to swallow the history of the place: the Romanesque hermitage of San Pantaleón perched on the back of the Peña Colorada, which simulates the bow of a ship at the time of rising by the scourge of the raging sea. The unmistakable silhouette of the rocky spur where it is located forms one of the best landscapes of Las Merindades. Consecrated in 1207, it consists of a section under a dome and an apse. On the triumphal arch appears an elegant bulrush. An original iconographic repertoire is concentrated on the cover and on the windows. In addition to its high artistic value, San Pan


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