Monsaterio de Santa María de Monsalud

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The monastery of Santa María de Monsalud is an old Cistercian monastery already exclaustrated located in the Spanish town of Córcoles (Sacedón, Guadalajara). Ercavica The monastery of Monsalud was one of the most important of the Middle Ages in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the three built in what is now the province of Guadalajara, next to the province of Bonaval and Óvila. There is not much data about its foundation, although it must be framed in the pressures of the Castilian Extremadura during the twelfth century. The first reliable document where it appears dates from 1167 and in it Juan de Treves, archdeacon of Huete, grants the monastery and the Order of the Cistercian the village of Córcoles with all its lands, confirmed in 1169 by King Alfonso VIII of Castile.


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