Temple of Bel

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In partnership with the DGAM, the ICONEM’s team was the first one to be in Palmyra since Daesh’s departure. New phase of the major project « Syrian Heritage », this mission has been an opportunity to give a clear picture of the damages suffered by the « pearl of the desert », and more specifically by the Temple of Bel as it has been left behind by Daesh fighters, using photogrammetry. The digitalized 3D model allows us to observe the existence of stone blocs remaining almost intact, meaning that there might be some hope for a partial reconstruction. Some other blocs however have been dynamited. ICONEM’s support in Palmyra has been found essential in order to document the appearance and state of the site right after it’s liberation, which is going to be helpful to the scientific community. Dedicated in 32 AD and consecrated to the protective divinity of Palmyra, the Mesopotamian god Bel, the Temple of Bel was before its destruction one of the best preserved antique temples of Syria.


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