• The Torchbearers, Valencia, preview animation made using our 3D art, up on youtube and instagram

  • Animated 3D animation of the Thinking Bull, Barcelona

  • The Monument to Concepción Arenal is located at the Parque del Oeste, in Madrid, Spain. It was created by José María Palma Burgos and is dedicated to Concepción Arenal, a 19th-century writer and precursor of feminism and is one of the few sculptures in Parque del Oeste created before the Civil War.

    Concepción Arenal was a writer and human righ…Read More

  • This monument is a tribute to Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, the great Spanish romantic painter. It depicts Goya seated with a paintbrush in his right hand and a palette in his left. It is close to the well known church Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida, away from the main tourist circuit in Madrid, Spain.

    Born in Fuendetodos, Spain in…Read More

  • The Pyramid of the Shield is an Italian monument located at the top of the Puerto del Escudo mountain pass dedicated to Mussolini’s legionaries who fought against Spanish brigades from Santander and Asturias and Basque troops in the Spanish civil war.

    Known locally as “El cementerio de los italianos”, it lies in ruins, partially dismantled in…Read More

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